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Martry Margrets death

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Should Margaret Clitheroe have been executed? Queen Elizabeth's religion Queen Elizabeth's religion was strict.Everone had to be protestants or they would be executed. Also all the services had to be English and for the second time priests were allowed to marry. Also the queen was a governor not the head of the church. Margaret's story Margaret was a fine and brave 33 year old lady. She had three children and was married to a man named john Clitheroe. Margaret was a catholic and a resocant.This meant she refused to give up her faith. Her husband wasn't a catholic but his brother was a priest. ...read more.


The people said that if she would not confess they would kill her children! She refused to tell still but in the end she was guilty. She said she was going to die for her 'jesu'and her religion. On the day 25th March 1586 she walked bare footed to the York Oesborn bridge happily and calmly. Everyone was shocked about this especially about how calm she was! When she got there the sergeants who were supposed to be executing her where too horrified to do it because this was a disgusting death so they told beggars to do it because beggars would do anything for money. ...read more.


Her last words were'Jesu! Jesu!have mercy upon me! Conclusion I think that Margaret Clitheroe should not have been killed. I think that everyone should have their own freedom. Queen Elizabeth was fair on everything else why couldn't she be fair on this? Also this would not of done any harm to her! The death was too painful 2!Also Everyone should believe in what they want to believe in that's the whole point of religion. If you were forced to believe there would be no point! I think that Margaret Clitheroe had a very painful death and it was terrible. Nobody deserves such cruel punishment. Didn't Queen Elizabeth understand why people did not want to believe in all religions?She was a very brave women and truly believed in her religion. ...read more.

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