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GCSE: USA 1919-1941

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  1. Was the New Deal A Success?

    That was his solution to the problem. He didn't help the people who needed help, he didn't believe social security was the responsibility of the government. Many Americans felt he was heartless. Roosevelt was the complete opposite to Hoover. He believed in an active government, he had plans to spend money on the needy, and he was more than happy to ask for advice, unlike Hoover who felt he knew best. Roosevelt was a man of the people, the people choice, he filled them with hope, and anything was better than the alternative.

    • Word count: 2272
  2. Was the New Deal a Failure?

    In the early 1930s, America was in distress and needed urgent help. The Republican Presidents had presided over the boom of the 1920's and believed in "laissez-faire" capitalism. The presidential campaign of 1932 was chiefly a debate over the causes and possible remedies of the great depression. Herbert Hoover, unlucky in entering the White House only eight months before the stock market crash, had struggled tirelessly to set the wheels of industry in motion again, but constrained by a traditional conception of the federal government's proper role, he could take no drastic action.

    • Word count: 2742
  3. Source work on prohibition

    So it can be useful in some ways. It is also useful in the way that Martin Gilbert, the author had nothing to gain form this by showing a biased opinion, so it can be more reliable. I think that this map is aimed to be use by GCSE students who are studying prohibition in school and have some background information as some is missing, but if this were given to a 6year old child I feel that s/he would not understand or be confused about the map.

    • Word count: 2927
  4. Prohibition 1920 Sources Question

    Although this does provide some information, there are problems with the map. It doesn't show which states were dry form 1915 until 1933 when prohibition was abolished. There was a wave of prohibition on the 16 of January 1920, when prohibition was enforced. This became the 18th Amendment to the US constitution to ban all forms of alcohol, the production, the sale, and even the possession of it could lead to heavy penalties. This was suppose to help mend the 'problems', such as the 'flappers', who were seen as a disgrace to all 'decent Americans.

    • Word count: 2245
  5. The New Deal – Reforming to Preserve

    Within a few years, a fifth of all banks were closed. Around 15% of peoples money was lost. The dilemma was people lost all loyalty in the banking system and hid all their money at home. The day subsequent to Roosevelt taking office, he ordered all banks to close for four days. He then intensely searched every bank; if they didn't have enough capital behind them they were closed down. After 1933 the character of Roosevelt's reform changed from relief to recovery. Roosevelt's subsequently manufactured an additional economy act. This tried to cut back on government spending, so that it could be used to help the unemployed.

    • Word count: 2168
  6. USA: 1919 1941 Revision Notes

    plastics and glass, helping create buildings such as skyscrapers * Wages increased along with profits, more people could spend more on consumer luxuries * Electrical power made widespread, usage of oil doubled * People were confident and now prepared to buy American goods and invest in the American economy * Prosperity was a right, not a privilege: people encouraged to spend Return to isolationism: * The US economy was increasingly protected by government intervention in the forms of tariffs * Quota system for immigration, closing the ?Open Doors? policy The Boom & Industries that benefited: Motor industry, building works, stock

    • Word count: 2049

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