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GCSE: Vietnam 1954-1975

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  1. How coverage of Vietnam in the USA led to demands for peace

    Another type of technology that rapidly improved was the camera. During the first few years of the war camera?s were fairly heavy, however towards the late sixties, when the journalists started revealing the horrors of Vietnam, cameras had become much lighter allowing TV crews to get closer to the conflict zones allowing them to get more frequent and detailed footage and this was when the manner of reporting completely changed. The media portrayal of various events in the Vietnam War were somewhat different as the war went on, and the number of casualties increased causing media to report back depressing stories and horrifying pictures.

    • Word count: 3683
  2. Throughout the Vietnam War, the Americans used various tactics to try and defeat their opponent, two of which were Search and Destroy and defoliation.

    Areas of inland forest, borders of Laos and Cambodia were some of the worst hit. Why were they used and When? Search and destroy was used between 1965 and 1967, and was first instigated by General Westmoreland. It depended on the military capability, under the assumption that American fire power and technology was so superior that both the Viet Cong and the People?s Army of Vietnam would be unable to cope with the punishment that would be delivered. It was also used to try and expand inner-country operations, covering more of the country, and touching more people.

    • Word count: 954
  3. Analyse and evaluate three representations of history: Protests against the Vietnam War

    Representation 1 appears well researched and has detail evident in the key dates, facts and statistics, ?By the end of 1969, 34,000 draft dodgers were wanted by the police?, it provides. However, it fails to tell the whole story of the anti-war movement by focusing solely on the ?vocal minority? who protested against the war and ignoring the ?silent majority? who supported the war. Its comprehensiveness suffers because of this, as the representation is not fully balanced. Representation 2 is less comprehensive as it only contains a certain level of information in it compared to representation 1.

    • Word count: 1213
  4. Why did the USA fail in Vietnam?

    It is estimated that it cost the USA $400 thousand dollars to kill just one Viet Cong soldier. Search and destroy missions also usually ended up with civilians being killed. The experience of the Viet Cong and the inexperience of the American soldiers The Viet Cong guerrilla tactics were very effective against the American soldiers. They used ambushes, booby traps and after fighting just hid with the peasants in villages. Their fighting destroyed the American soldiers? morale; generally the Viet Cong were much more experienced in fighting in the jungles as they had also fought the French and the Japanese.

    • Word count: 558
  5. I think that the four most significant themes in the Vietnam War were protest movements, foreign policy, tactics and war journalism

    This quote proves how far the military were willing to go in order to stop the media from getting the stories back to the US public. The quote is significant as it shows how military actions changed towards journalism after Vietnam; journalism definitely did result in change. The media stories returning from Vietnam resulted in change in how reporters would be allowed to get their stories in the future. Media coverage in any war currently happening is extremely monitored and the public doesn?t see or hear about what is really going on; facts and figures from Iraq currently are never published ? this is as a result of the stories which returned from Vietnam.

    • Word count: 3939
  6. How effective were the US tactics of search and destroy and defoliation in the Vietnam War?

    Even though this method would sometimes kill Viet Cong soldiers it was not always accurate and caused many unnecessary problems. They would send out inexperienced soldiers who would then fall into traps because they were not paying attention, innocent villagers and civilians were massacred and most of the time the raids were based on incorrect information. All of these mistakes lead the soldiers to be very unpopular with the people as they were killing innocent people whom they were also meant to be assisting.

    • Word count: 1073

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