Most people in Germany benefitted from Nazi rule between 1933 and 1945. How far do you agree with this statement?

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“Most people in Germany benefitted from Nazi rule between 1933 and 1945.” How far do you agree with this statement?

Many people benefitted under Nazi rule including children, the youth, unemployed, men and women. People who benefitted the most were labelled as the Aryan race. They were a group of Germans who were stereotyped as being blonde haired and blue eyed, but could be a number of other things or have one of these features in a more minor way. However, many other groups were persecuted for beliefs, ethnics’ etc. such as the Jews, the blacks, the gays etc. These people did not fit into the category of the Aryans so were persecuted, abused or shunned.

The statement is true for Aryan small businesses. Their trade doubled between 1933 and 1937. This was helped because the Nazis passed laws stopping big businesses from building new department stores and existing ones from expanding their shops further. This meant less competition so more people went to their businesses. All of this enabled craftsmen and shop owners to control their own trade.  Also, competing Jewish businesses’ were taken down further decreasing opposition for the shop owners and allowing them to grow and gain wealth. Small businesses benefitted a huge amount under Nazi rule.

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This statement is also true for the youth. If the Nazis wanted to rule for a long time they had to involve children so that them, and future generations, would support them. They were called the Hitler Youth. The Nazis created various activities and opportunities for the Hitler Youth such as hiking, various sports groups and games, activities, flying, shooting and camping. These activities would have easily won over the children because, at such a young age, they get drawn into fun things such as these. The Hitler Youth also trained boys to be able to get fed into the ...

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