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My newspaper report on the Archduke's assassination. Ferdinands Generosity kills him.

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Yesterday afternoon, Franz Ferdinand, aged 51, was murdered by a terrorist group called the Black Hand in the capital of Sarajevo, Bosnia. It for planned for Franz and his wife, Sophia, to make trip from the station by car to the city hall where they would receive lunch, after they would go and inspect the troops. He was travelling from the station, it was there that he attacked by a grenade thrown at the car, but the heroic Franz batted away the grenade with the back of his hand, regrettably the grenade landed on the road beside the escort and exploded. ...read more.


The first hit the pregnant Sophia in the stomach, she died almost instantly. The second shot hit the Archduke in the neck. He uttered only one word; 'Sofia'-a call to his stricken wife. Then his head fell back and he collapsed. He died almost instantly. The officers seized Principe. They beat him over the head, they knocked him down, they kicked him, scraped the skin from his neck with the edges of their swords, tortured him, all but killed him. ...read more.


Mr Ferdinand was a wonderful person, always kind and considerate, it was terrible for the Black Hand to do such a thing.'' All of the members in the terrorist group, the Black Hand, who were involved in the assassination, have been arrested. There are many alliances between the countries in Europe, this assassination could cause a chain reaction spreading through many alliances until all of the different countries would be angry at each other. This chain could end up in troubles between countries, fights, maybe even war. ?? ?? ?? ?? Austrian Oracle 28th June 1914 Ferdinand's Generosity kills him ...read more.

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