Nazi rise to power.

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Nazi rise to power

After WW1 Germany was left in ruins. There were many political problems even before the war. The Reichstag was weak and people had little in the say of how the country was run. During and after the war the situation worsened as opposition parties were jailed by the military that followed the Kaiser, under a dictatorship. This weakened the Reichstag further. German soldiers were returning home still with weapons and ammunition and joined in a violent demonstrations against the war. Farming suffered as there were a shortage of farm workers during the war, only 50% of the milk and 60% of the butter was being produced than before the war. Many Germans were slowly starving. Because of this the German people became bitter and angry and wanted someone to blame for the defeat in the war.

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The great depression hit Germany hard. Loans from America dried up and were soon followed by demands for repayments. As well as this prices for food and raw materials declined rapidly as industrialised countries. During the winter of 1929-30, unemployment rose to above 2 million, 12 months after the crash it stood at 3 million. It peaked in early 1933 when it was 6.1 million.  Due to unemployment peoples respectability and pride suffered. Due to this people lost faith in the Weimar republic, which offered no end to the misery and unemployment. People began to look towards political extremes ...

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