"Popular support was the man support for Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933" How far do you agree with this statement?

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"Popular support was the man support for Hitler becoming Chancellor inn 1933" How far do you agree with this statement?

Many people argue that Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 because of several reasons such as; he was a protest vote against the current Weimar government or because of the agreement made between Ludendorff and Von Papen to make Hitler chancellor so they could control him. They also suggest that he became Chancellor because of popular support.   

Hitler was seen as an amazing public speaker and he used mass propaganda and mass rallies to get his point across. He captured the imagination of Germany as a nation, who saw him as the person to make them a great country again.  

One reason he might have become Chancellor was the fact that the Weimar government was weak and the different parties were constantly fighting between each other. They did not make alliances or agreements with other parties similar to theirs, whereas the Nazis did this from the early days. They made alliances with other right wing Nationalist parties to help them get their name across and in the long term help gain popular support. The other  parties who held the Majorities in the Reichstag made weak coalitions with each other in order to form a government that would not last very often.

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The Nazis were a strong party who believed in a strong government who if needed would be a dictatorship. Many people, especially the industrialists, chose him for this over the Communist party because they were scared what would happen to their businesses if there was a "Russian Style" revolution. When it came to dealing with Communists, Hitler used the SA  to intimidate them as well as anybody who opposed the Nazis. 

In the 1930 elections, the Nazi party gained 95 seats in the Reichstag. Their seats rocketed from 12 seats in 1928 to 107 seats after the 1930 election. However ...

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