Rise of the Nazis - analysis of sources.

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The Rise of the Nazis

Look at Source A. Why might this poster have appealed to many Germans in the mid-1920s? Use evidence from the source and your own knowledge to explain your answer. (6 marks)

Source A provides us with multiple insights on the German culture and what was popular back then. Firstly, this poster may have been popular because of the eagle trapped and locked in by a chain forced to be kept in place. This implies that Germany was the eagle and the bolts and chains were countries such as France and Britain or things like the Treaty of Versailles, which required Germany to pay sizeable amounts to France and Britain and also to give up 13% of their own land. Perhaps the eagle represents Germany at that time in the 1920s struggling to pay back their debt and struggling to survive and the eagle is heaving down over the heavy weight put on it which connotes that the heavy weight is the debt Germany has to France and Britain due to the Treaty of Versailles, which Germany is heaving down under. Then, in the distance you can make out the sun, which is a symbol of a new day, a symbol of hope which may imply that the sun in this poster is the Nazi party as it does have the Nazi symbol on it which is why this may have appealed to many people during that time. This is further reinforced by the fact that the words translated in Source A actually mean German Liberation, which is right under the eagle trying to reach to the sun. The word liberation is linked to freedom and breaking free of chains, which is linked to Hitler’s idea of ignoring the Treaty of Versailles and being able to make Germany great again, like how it was before the woeful defeat in WW1. Additionally, during 1909, Bernhard von Bülow gave a famous speech were he spoke about Germany’s rightful place in the sun, and many German citizens loved that speech so by linking that famous quote to the poster, the Nazi party was implying that if you voted for them, you would be rightfully restoring Germany to it’s place in the sun and by breaking the Treaty of Versailles, you would be able to finally have the freedom you deserve. In Germany during the mid 1920s, there was an economic boom as $25 billion was injected into it due to American bankers loaning Germany the money. This money was put straight into good use as it was used to industrialize Germany as the built new factories and that meant new jobs for people which boosted their economy so much so people were loving life at this point. However, this meant that the Nazi party’s interest plummeted during the Golden Years as they were called because all of the workers actually had jobs and were able to put food on the table due to the new implication of currency, which lead items to be more affordable. Therefore, by putting this poster out during the mid 1920s, this may have appealed to many Germans because it gave them hope, it gave them a goal, it gave them someone to blame for their suffering and it uniting the nation due to one sole cause, to make Germany great again.
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‘The popularity of Hitler’s beliefs and ideas was the most important cause of his rise to power in Germany.’ How far do you agree? Use all of the sources and your own knowledge in order to explain your answer. (14 marks)

Firstly Hitler’s ideas in Germany were not always popular because he did not inject them well enough to the German society. Before he went to jail, Hitler took the wrong approach of getting people to support the Nazi party, therefore painting the Nazi party to be a bad place were people were force to do things. ...

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