Should the statue of Arthur "Bomber" Harris be put up?

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I think the statue of Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris should not be put up. He was responsible for a mass killing of many innocent civilians. The large scale bombing of Germany, may have contributed to winning the war, but was morally wrong.  The bombing wasn’t effective or morally justified at all.

Firstly, throughout 1933-1944, the Allies lost 10-15% of their planes and crews in the bombing raids. Losses were so high, that the campaign was close to being stopped in 1943. Also, these bombing didn’t stop Germany fighting. Infact, when the bombing took place the production of industry rose. The main goal of these bombing was to bomb industrial and military targets. However, as the bombings took place at night, bombers often failed to hit their target. For instance, in 1942, American and British bombers attacked the French Port of the Brest and Lorient. They were being used by the Germans as submarine bases. However, although buildings were left flattened and many people were killed, the submarine bases were left untouched.

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Similarly, the main victims of the bombing were innocent civilians being killed at no fault of their own. Is it fair to take the lives of innocent people? Bombing and destroying the lives of many innocent people is morally wrong and cannot be justified.  Infact, many allied military leaders believed that the bombs should’ve been used on the battlefields, not on Germany. Is it ever right to kill 40,000 people, make one million homeless and destroy almost 75% of the city, all on one night?

However, some people may say that the bombing was justified because Germans and the ...

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