Sociolegal Issues on Women in Islam

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Sociolegal Issues on Women in Islam

The biggest challenge facing Muslim societies today is the challenge of

change. How does one reconcile the tenets of one’s faith to the challenge of modernity, to the challenge of changing times and circumstances? The reassertion of Islam that has gripped almost all Muslim countries has brought forth different levels of tension and competing ideologies within Muslim societies. What Islam, whose Islam is the right Islam? In this conflict, the status of women has often been the first Battle ground. The turn towards Islam is marked not by the liberating message of the religion that granted women the right to equality, to own property, to justice— rights considered revolutionary 1,400 years ago— but is often dominated by growing intolerance and repressive teachings and practices, particularly on matters involving women’s rights and fundamental liberties.

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While women in Malaysia do enjoy many rights and benefits that are

often denied to their sisters in other Muslim countries, there is growing

concern that the reassertion of conservative Islam and traditional beliefs

justified in the name of religion increasingly undermine women’s ability to

access those rights granted to them under the law.

Highlights of some of the broad sociolegal issues of concern that impede women’s struggle for equality and justice are as follows:

I. The use of religion to justify the subordination of women The use of religion to justify the subordination of women The use of ...

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