Stonehenge - description and theories.

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           Amazingly  every  year,  hundreds  of  thousand  visit  the  Stonehenge  for  pilgrimage. Ever  Wonder  What  makes  Stonehenge  one  of  the  Seven  Wonders  of  the  World ?  

With  the  Advancement  of   Science   to   the  point  of   mammalian  cloning  you  might  imagine  whether  there   are  any  more  dazzling   things  to be discovered .    Nonetheless   most    theories    surrounding   Stonehenge ,  are  regarded  as  only  just  guesses   which  neither  can  be  proved  certainly  as  fact  nor  evidentially  . But  since  a little  is  known  about  this  Stonehenge   we  might  want  to  ask  ourselves  not  only  what  was  the  sole  aim  of  building  the  Stonehenge   but   also  how  the  construction  was  made  “heavy  stone  boulders  on  top  of   each   other .

                Stonehenge  is  an  ancient  prehistoric  stone  monument  located  on  a plain in Wiltshire , England . It  is  formed  by  varieties  of  upright  stones , one  next  the  other  in  a mysterious  circle  .The  tallest  the  stones  standing  in  an upright  manner  is  22ft  or 6.7meters  high  ”. “No  can  apprehend  how  those  giant  stones  have  been  raised  upward   and  why  there  were  built  where  there  are  now . There  are  floods  of  speculations  and  Ideas , positive  and  negative ,  of  how  and why  it  came  about  but  there  are   a  few   surprising  , correct  and  accepted  idea . Somehow  these  giant  stones  were  carried  to  Salisbury  Plains  where  there  are  now  ,  since  these  stones   were  too heavy   for   timber  roller  one  would  guess  they  were  carried  on  sledges  on top of   greased  tracks  wood  ,  then  pulled  with   a  very  strong and  tough  rope.

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                  You  may  ask  what is  the  cause  of  building  the  Stonehenge  and  you  might  hear  some  negative  speculation  that  the  stone  edge  may  be  some  horrific  place   which  the  ancient  people  “Druids”  who  live  around  that  area  use   for  religious  sacrifice  or  some  positive  speculation  that  it  may  be  a  holy  or  Pagan  sanctuary , a celestial  observatory  predicting  solstices , eclipses  and  equinoxes   . Also  some  believe  it  might  have  been  used  to   record  the  time  by  the  inhabitant  Druids.


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