Study sources A and B. how far does source A prove that Haig does not care about the lives of his men?

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History ww1 Coursework

A) Study sources A and B. how far does source A prove that Haig does not care about the lives of his men?

In source A, Haig is generally saying that no matter what resources we have, nothing “will enable victories to be won without the sacrifice of men’s life.” this gives us the impression that Haig is ruthless and doesn’t care about his men. However it doesn’t prove that he doesn’t care.

    When reading source B we can see that this also sympathizes with Haig. In this Haig is explaining how well the troops are getting on, cutting the barbed wire etc, “the troops are in wonderful spirits and full of confidence.” also that “the Germans are surrendering freely.” we however know better and from our own knowledge are able to see that this is all untrue. We must take into consideration the fact that Haig would not have known the truth as he himself had never been to the front to be able to see what was actually happening. This point backs up the views held by many ww1 soldiers, that their generals did indeed have no idea what was actually going on (lions lead by donkeys).

       In answer to the initial question, I feel that source a doesn’t prove that Haig doesn’t care about his men, but is just insensitive and unsympathetic. At first read through it may seem otherwise and seem to people that Haig in fact does not care, but Haig wrote the source for a particular reason. The source was written in June 1916, just before the battle of the Somme, we are able to tell by this that Haig may well have been doing so purely to prepare the public for what he knew was about to come. Although source b is not correct Haig didn’t know any different and he may well have been purely attempting to keep spirits up in Britain.

B) Study sources B and C. which one of these two sources do you trust more.

Although source B is saying that “the men are is splendid spirits” and that all is going well (which we know is untrue), it can still be trusted. This is purely because this is what general Haig thought to be happening, as he himself didn’t go to the front. He believed this was the truth, as he knew no different.

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     Source C however can definitely be trusted as it is, as we know, nearer to the truth. As it is from an interview with a Private during the war, it is safe to assume that he went to the front, and experienced what happened there. Furthermore, he recounts the “hundreds of dead, strung out on the barbed wire like wreckage washed up on a high water mark.” We know from other sources and information that this is true, thus showing he knows what he is talking about.

    From my own knowledge I know that Haig’s ...

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