The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans made much progress in medicine.

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The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans made much progress in medicine.

. Briefly describe the main features of Egyptian medicine.

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Egyptian’s believed that the human body was made up of many channels and when one of these channels was blocked they became ill. The Egyptian’s were also the first to closely observe and keep written records of the symptoms, causes and cures. Mummification was a process that also helped medicine as the Egyptians where able to identify some of the organs in the human body. Egyptians also believed that God caused disease and as they also believed God wanted them to be clean, they washed a minimum of once a day. Also, wealth impacted Egyptian medicine as doctors had the money to develop their ideas.
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. Explain why the Greeks used both supernatural and natural approaches to medicine.

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During the Greek period both natural and supernatural approaches to medicine were used because Greeks thought both were essential.

Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine and healing and therefore the Asclepion was a temple dedicated to Asclepius where Greeks would go to be treated. The process involved both natural and supernatural elements as dieting was regulated, exercise was encouraged and area of rest and bathing were available, also a doctor would place a natural remedy over the wound or ...

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