The Black Death

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The Black Death

The Black Death was a horrible and terrifying period of time. And the amount of people that died during the Black Death was gob smacking. The disease started in 1348. The disease included large swellings under the armpit and the groin area. There were also 2 types of the disease. The bubonic plague and the nymemomic plague. The bubonic plague was swellings and the nymemonic plague was a sort of lung infection. And it would basically rot your lungs inside. But the main problem in the Black Death

The Black Death was spread all over Europe by rats climbing aboard boats and bringing it to other countries. Most of Europe caught the disease. And a large population died. The rats carried the plague. The plague came from.

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Bizarre Cures

They whipped themselves until it really hurt, so God knew they were sorry, the king ordered all the streets and cities to be cleaned and all the animal dung as well! They lit fires and spread perfumes in the air so the bad smells would go away. They made a candle as tall as a man. Or even big enough to encircle a village, and burned it all night and day.  

The Rats carried the disease and the rats roamed around the streets spreading it about. And they climbed aboard on ships and other counties go ...

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