The Blitz.

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History coursework – The Blitz

        The blitz was obviously a time of great hardship for most British citizens. The constant poundings of major cities within England were enough to deter any country. Most people have an idea of the blitz to be a time of people coming together and showing the nations true personality, but this is not the whole story of the Blitz, as you will see in the text that follows.

1. Why were the major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41?

        It is clear that there were many reasons for the bombings of major cities within Britain. I will try to explain as many of them as I can now. One obvious reason was that Hitler’s growing ambition meant that it was inevitable for Britain to become victim to his brutal racemes. Hitler made is clear that he wanted to control the whole of Europe and so after capturing the majority of the countries within Europe, Britain     was next on the list. With his good tactical knowledge, in war matters, he recognised that the way to gain control of Britain was by wiping out the major cities. This would leave Britain industrially and economically paralysed, forcing Britain to surrender.

        Another clear reason why the Germans bombed the major cities of Britain was to try and damage the morale of people. It is blatantly obvious that most people live in cities and so by targeting cities the largest percentage of people living in Britain would also be affected. The Germans were clever and recognised that without the people of Britain backing the fight against themselves, Britain would not be a force in terms of resisting the constant bombardment of major cities. It would be foolish for Germany to start bombing the British countryside as not many people live here, this the main reason why people were evacuated to the countryside from major cities to ensure safety from the intense bombings carried out by Germans.

        Germany knew, just like any other European country, that Britain was one of the strongest forces in Europe. Recognising this Hitler knew that if he could just gain control of Britain then the remainders of his plans would be relatively easy. Britain had a huge reputation of being resistant and being, near on, impossible to break down. One of the main reasons for this was the location of Britain.

Foot soldiers could not be introduced into Britain because Britain as a separate island from the rest of Europe. So tactics that were used in the war previous could not be put into action, meaning Hitler had to take another approach. The approach Hitler took was, really, the only one that he could. That approach was inevitably the bombing of major cities.

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Another reason for the bombing of major cities was that Germans did not have radar technology, unlike the British. You make think, ‘why does this mean that major cities of Britain bombed.’ Well it is quite simple. Without radar technology the Germans could not lock on the specific targets, for example a factory. So in order for bombings to be successful, they had to just ‘Blitz’ the major cities, which meant that factories etc would be inevitably hit. Obviously the added bonus for Germans would be that destruction would be huge because rather than just hitting one structure and causing ...

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