The egyptians

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The Egyptians. By Sharndeep Bains.

Who were the Egyptians?

The Egyptians were a group of people who lived 5,000 years ago in Egypt who created one of the oldest civilizations in the world. At its best, Ancient Egypt was a powerful trading nation with a large empire. The Egyptians are well known for their great works of art, such as the Sphinx.

How long did the Egyptian civilization last?

The Egyptian civilization lasted for 3, 000 years. In 30 BC, the Romans invaded Egypt and it became part of the Roman Empire.  


The Sphinx.

Egyptian Public Health.

The Egyptians had simple baths and toilets. They took great care over their personal hygiene and wore eye make-up that protected their eyes from diseases and they slept under mosquito nets.


Egyptian priests kept themselves extremely clean, they regularly washed their clothes, cups and bodies. They didn’t keep clean for hygiene reasons, but for spiritual reasons. They didn’t have medical care, but used spells and chants to prevent disease.

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Egyptian medicine and science.

The Egyptians knew a lot about the bones and the bone structure. And had a general understanding of the breathing, pulse, brain and liver. They believed that the gods gave evil spirits to cause illness and death and that the good spirits controlled things such as childbirth.

The Egyptians were good at some aspects of first aid; they could reset dislocated joints and fix broken bones. But they could not sort out internal problems as they had no anesthetic. They could only deal with bones and inflamed wounds because they were only excellent bandagers ...

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