The main cause of the defeat of Germany in 1918 was the use of tanks? Do you agree?

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The main cause of the defeat of Germany in 1918 was the use of tanks? Do you Agree?

In 1918, Germany was finally defeated and this was caused by a range of factors, certainly the use of tanks were key in doing so. A source states that the “advance [was] spearheaded by the tanks” which was important in gaining an advantage over the Germans, evidenced by there being over 6 tanks per Battalion of 500 men. This is a huge number when compared to the Germans who only had about 20 tanks in total.  The tanks, combined with aircraft and artillery in “integrated warfare” to overwhelm the Germans who could simply not counter the allied attack. Prior to the use of tanks, the Allies had struggled in gaining territory because German machine-guns had often picked off troops but tanks now offered a solution to this, as they were tasked with dealing with this threat and protecting the infantry. Another source also states that Tanks “affected the moral of British soldiers” who were often excited to have such a special weapon supporting them in their advance- this increase in moral coincided with a decrease in moral for the Germans as they were defeated. Source A shows the rapid advance made by the tanks, leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, and covering the infantry in the foreground. This source conveys the power of the tanks which helped protect the infantry minimising their loses. Had it not been for tanks, one can make a reasonably strong argument that the stale-mate on the Western front would have continued as the tanks offered the extra fire power that was previously lacking.

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Of more importance was the American entry into war, as a source states “their armies were being constantly reinforced by the arrival of fresh American soldiers”.  The USA was arguably the most powerful country in 1914, and with their entry 1.8 million American troops were in Europe ready to fight the Germans whilst the German armies where tiring, and this had an effect of strengthening the allied attack. Equally, the American entry also of use because the Allies were now producing 11,200 aircraft per month compared to 2,000 for the Germans. Not only were the Germans now outnumbered, but they ...

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