The Mongol Empire was significantly larger than any previous Inner Asian Empire

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The intriguing story about the Mongolian empire ranks as one of the most extraordinary chapters of the world history, the Mongols (inhabitants of Mongolia proper) numbering no more than one and a half million ended up ruling a hundred million people. The superiority of the Mongols over the other Inner Asian Empires can be attributed to their astute leadership - essentially of Chingis Khan and to their dominant army - both in terms of tactics and physical strength.

Before the Mongols would invade a country, they would send spies in to find out information about the leaders and people, roads, cities, good ambush points and strengths and weaknesses of the armies and forts (Saunders p.65). No other army of the time used this type of information gathering, instead preferred to just charge in.

In sharp contrast to the other steppe conquerors, Chingis (xyz) was not primarily guided by greed and material riches or other allurements of the world. His was a soaring military ambition (xyZ),an almost supernatural ability to plan ahead and (xyz) all his moves were directed at political aims that represented the formation of a political structure that was capable of being extended in time and space . Most striking was the determination not to attack China before he had subdued all the tribes in the Baikal region and the areas south east of it, and integrated them in his Mongol nation. Earlier, nomadic conquerors had always failed to eliminate the risk of rivalries before the raids against China, which made it easy for the Chinese to divide and rule, to play the rival tribes out against each other in order to disunite and finally break their power.

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The Mongol emperors, unlike the other emperors of the time, tolerated all religions (Saunders p.68). This ensured minimum of revolts from the people within, thereby allowing them to perpetuate their rule. Unlike the case in most of the other societies at that time where birth and social origin solely determined rank, promotion to high positions in Mongol was determined by ability and merit; this resulted in an unmatched quality of troops from the ordinary soldiers to the top command.

Furthermore to ensure that the foes do not rise against him, Chingis took under his control the interior lines of Central ...

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