The New Deal was not a complete success. Explain how far you agree with this statement

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The New Deal was not a complete success. Explain how far you agree with this statement

I do agree with this statement in the question as it was only a success partially. It needed the Second World War to achieve success. In essay 1 I wrote about Laissez-Faire or rugged individualism which meant the republicans doing nothing to help the business industry. When the Wall Street Crash occurred it needed FDR’s New Deal to solve the problem. In essay 2 I wrote about the New Deal policies and what they were.

Since the collapse of the American economy due to the Wall Street Crash. The aim of the New Deal is to recover the state of America back to its original state and into full working order. Besides from recovering the economy back to its original state the New Deal also had the following effects unemployment was reduced from the 1932 level, workers were given protection through trade unions, the principle of welfare and social security was established, the American people were given renewed faith and hope in their country, the New Deal saved USA from the threat of revolution and dictatorship, there was some redistribution of wealth and power throughout American society.

Even though the New Deal had a lot of strengths it also had weaknesses, they were in 1938 – 1939 the unemployment rose to almost 11 million. It was the Second World War that finally put Americans back to work. There was great opposition to the principle of Federal government interference. Many businesses would not co-operate. Many huge corporations still had immense power, despite the New Deal. Support for trade unions caused great industrial unrest.

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For the New Deal to take place it came across a number of enemies. They were the businessmen and press barons criticising Roosevelt for interfering with the freedom of business and industry. The rich and privileged saw President Roosevelt as a threat to their position and wealth, and disliked the higher taxes imposed on them. Socialists and communists complained that Roosevelt’s government had not changed the basic structure of society, the owners of industry still had all the power and the wages to workers were still low. The Supreme Court ruled that several Alphabet agencies, including the NRA and ...

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