'The New Deal was not a complete success.' Explain how far you agree with this statement.

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(c) 'The New Deal was not a complete success.' Explain how far you agree with this statement.

The New Deal was a programme set up to help America recover from its problems. To find out if it was not a complete success 1 must evaluate the failures and the successes.

The New Deal was set up to help America recover, which it did. The depression stopped getting worse and things started to get better. The New Deal set up work programmes such as the Workers Progress Administration (WPA); these agencies provided work to thousands of people. It allowed people to have selfconfidence and respect. The agencies helped the workers to provide their families with food and shelter, if the New Deal were not created many would have lost their homes due to rent payments.

These agencies built important and worthwhile building that were useful to a wide range of people. These include hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and roads. These improvements made America look better to the other countries; they were proving that even though they were in a depression they could make their cities look great. These improvements attracted tourists and more workers to the cities. The tourists were good as they were spending money in the shops and the workers were useful because the more workers without jobs, the more buildings could be made. The New Deal gave temporary jobs because as soon as the war started America needed as many workers as they could possibly get and as they already had people involved with the work schemes getting workers was easier.

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The New Deal gave the American public faith in the new government. The old government run by Herbert Hoover did nothing to help the American people recover from the depression so when Roosevelt came along with these ideas, the public were very welcoming towards them. The successes the government had in employment also gave the public more faith and trust with whatever the laws the government introduced. Some laws that were introduced and are still working today are old pensions and sick pay. The fact that they are still currently used proves that it is a system that was very ...

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