The role of women in Nazi Germany

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Shailyn Shah   9DR/9I        Page           Monday 9th January 2005

The role of women in Nazi Germany

Over the last few months as part of our history work we have been studying Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party who came into power in 1933. Since then Hitler and his party terrorised people if they “weren’t right”. As a result of this he changed the life of many people. However, in this essay I will be looking particularly at the roles of women in Nazi Germany and some of the things they were forced to do. At the end of this essay I will also decide if men or women were treated better in the 1930’s.

Adolf Hitler and his party came to power in 1933. Hitler was the head of the country and quickly took charge changing laws and guidelines as to how Germany was run and what would happen to Germany. As a result of this it was he who was blamed for starting World War 2 (WW2) and creating a lot of tension in Europe. Some of the things he did include publicly humiliating people and forcing them to live separately from “Aryans” (German people who had blonde hair and blue eyes). These people (Jews, gypsies, Asian /Caribbean people) were humiliated and tortured in public and sent to concentration camps to do work or were shot by Nazi soldiers. However, this was all legal as Hitler changed the rules as he went. But, for the German people life was fantastic and it is here where the role of women in Nazi Germany comes in place.

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German women had a very hard life after Hitler came to power. They were expected to do many things and were not expected to do many others. An example of this is when Hitler tried to encourage women to stay at home have children and get married which we can tell from source one which is a poster which was produced by the German government. It is a poster which shows a baby carried in it’s mothers arms and surrounded by the rest of the family (husband and three other children).  From this I can infer that women were ...

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