The Role of women in Nazi Germany.

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The Role of women in Nazi Germany

Although the Nazis felt that a woman’s place was in the home, they still played a crucial role within Nazi Germany. In my essay I will analyse why women were so crucial, and how the Hitler managed to get women doing what he wanted.

        “Kinder, kirche and kuche” summed up Nazi attitudes towards women, it translates as “Children, Church and Kitchen. That was all they thought of women.

        However, even women with high status jobs within politics did not have much power, for example, Gertrude Scholtz – Klink, who was head of the Nazi Women’s bureau did not have real power or rights.

        Women in Nazi Germany had a specific role, and this was role was that they should be good mothers and housewives, who would stay at home, cooking and cleaning, while their husbands worked. Even young girls would be taught at school that their role was to get married and have as many children as possible, they were not encouraged to continue with education, in a way it was pointless girls attending school.

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        One of the earliest laws that Hitler passed was the “Law for the Encouragement of Marriage”. This law stated that all newly wed couples were to be given 1000 marks (which was the equivalent of approximately 9 months wages), and instead of re-paying the loan with money; they could clear the loan by having children. It would be cut by 25% per child, so it would take four children to clear it completely. This system proved to be popular, with 800,00 newly weds following the law.

        Women were encouraged in many other ways to have greater numbers of children, apart ...

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