There will never be an adequate explanation...the closer one gets to explicability the more one realizes nothing can make Hitler explicable

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                                Hitler’s Rise and Fall                            p.1

“There will never be an adequate explanation…the closer one gets to explicability the more one realizes nothing can make Hitler explicable.”

                                                        --Emil Fackenheim

             Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1989, in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. Both of Hitler’s parents had come from poor peasant families. His father, Alois Hitler, was an intelligent and ambitious man. Adolf's mother, Klara Hitler was twenty three years younger than Alois. Klara and Alois had five children but only Adolf and a younger sister, Paula, survived to become adults. Alois wanted Hitler to join the army at a young age and to do extremely well in life. When Hitler was in primary school, it appeared he had a bright academic future in front of him. He was popular with other pupils and was admired for his leadership qualities. He was also a deeply religious child and for a while considered the possibility of becoming a monk. Adolf enjoyed games that involved fighting, and loved re-enacting battles from the Boer War. He loved playing commando rescuing Boers from English concentration camps. Hitler’s other main interest at school was art, and despite his fathers dreams of Adolf joining the Austrian Service, he instead told his father he was going to be an artist. Their relationship deteriorated and the conflict only ended with the death of Alois Hitler in 1903. Adolf was thirteen, yet his death did not cause their family financial problems. They received a lump sum and a generous civil service pension.


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When Hitler was eighteen he received an inheritance from his fathers will. With the money he moved to Vienna and there he planned on becoming an art student. The Vienna Academy of Art rejected ADolf, and his dreams were completely shattered. He stayed in Vienna, lying to his mother about what had happened. In 1907, Klara, his mother died from cancer. Her death affected him much more than his fathers.

        The outbreak of the First World War provided him with an opportunity for a fresh start. It was a chance for him to become involved in proving that Germany ...

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