USA's involvement in Vietnam War

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Why did the USA become involved in
in the 1950s and 1960s?

          There are several reasons why the USA became involved in Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s. They were, there was a Cold war going on between USA and Russia, fear of communism was another motivation for USA to become involved, the assassination of President John F Kennedy was also a major factor, the assassination of JFK brought the arrival of a new President; Lyndon Johnson and finally North Vietnam attacked US warships this was one of the biggest factor.


          The reason for all the fighting and wars in Vietnam all because of the way the country was going to be run. It was just after WWII and Japan had control of Vietnam. But before this Vietnam had been part of Frances colonies and they wanted it back. So the French went into Vietnam with a plan to once again take what was once theirs. At the same time the Cold war between USA and Russia was going on. The democratically run America wanted all the countries to become democratically run while on the other hand Russia wanted all the countries to become communist. USA feared that communism was spreading across the world and they had to act now to stop it. This was called a “domino theory”, if one country falls the countries around it will follow.  As USA was an ally of France and they knew that if France regained control of Vietnam it would be run as a democracy so they supported France with the finance, USA paid for 80% of all cost. If they had never given this support France would not have gone into Vietnam as they had just come out of WWII severely damaged and the French people would have gone against the government. Soon France had enough and was forced to retreat after defeat at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu by the North Vietnamese army (Viet Minh) which were led by a man called Ho Chi Minh who was a communist leader. Following this, the Geneva Conference separated the country into two. North Vietnam set up by Ho Chi Minh and South Vietnam led by the American-backed Ngo Dinh Diem.

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           America then turned its attention towards South Vietnam and in helping them to defeat the Viet Minh. Ngo was an increasingly embarrassing ally and was hated by most. Ngo’s opponents in the South set up the National Liberation Front. Its military wing, the Vietcong, was supported with troops and weapons supplied by Ho Chi Minh’s government. America had sent in military advisors to the South Vietnamese army as they were in disarray, the advisors sent in by President J F Kennedy help the South Vietnamese army get organised and ...

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