Vietnam war, representation work. In this essay I will evaluate the similarities,differences and objectivity of the representations, before I establish which is most reliable regarding the reaction of the American Public in the Vietnam War

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Both representations are about the way in which people in the USA reacted to the war in Vietnam. Representation 1 is a secondary source, an extract from a book entitled ‘The Vietnam War’ written by Douglas Willoughby. It would be helpful to know the nationality and age of Douglas Willoughby to determine any possible bias or first-hand experience of the Vietnam conflict. It appears to be an unbiased account of the anti-war movement in America and is written to objectively inform the reader. Representation 2 is a cartoon by an American cartoonist called John Fischetti and is therefore a more subjective representation of anti-war protests, with the intention of entertaining and amusing the radar. As such it is not as reliable as Representation 1 and is undoubtedly and exaggeration to deliberately make fun of the protesters/ John Fischetti had served in the Second World War and would have been very much aware of the horrors of war.

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Representation 1 was written in 2001 and has the advantage of hindsight, with the author having access to a wide range of different sources of information about the anti-war movement. Representation 2 was drawn during the Vietnam War and is a representation of the way that people reacted during the war. As it is mocking those opposing the war, it is likely that this cartoon is from the early years of the war when opposition was not as strong amongst the wider population.

Representation 1 covers the period from the first protest organised by Thomas Cornell in New York in ...

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