Was any one of these reasons more important than the others in Hitler's rise to power?

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Was any one of these reasons more important than the others in Hitler’s rise to power?

        All of the reasons on the list were important for Hitler to rise to power in the way that he did. However, even then some reasons are more important than others. Therefore, it is necessary to see which factors were important not only in the way in which he did rise to dictatorship, but also whether Hitler could have risen to power in any other way either with or without some of the factors on the list.

        Therefore, the Treaty of Versailles was the most important reason on the list to explain why Hitler rose to absolute power in Germany, when he did, how he did, and above all that without it he would have gone into politics but remained a fringe party. The desire in Hitler and others around him was one of the most important reasons why Hitler joined politics. He felt that his country had been betrayed by the ‘November Criminals’ and that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh and unfair considering many believed that the German army was still unbeaten. Despite all of this, the Treaty of Versailles was also the most important reason on the list because it was so unfair and because of some of the terms for peace which it stipulated. The main problem was the great loss of German land to other countries and the loss of Germany’s industrial heartlands in addition to the great level of reparations. The reparations, which were a result of the Treaty of Versailles and the ‘War Guilt clause’, started all of the other factors on the list.

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        If the German people and the army had not felt angered by their treatment under the treaty, they would not have been dissatisfied with the victors of the war, and would not have felt so great a desire for revenge. The Weimar Republic’s weakness also stemmed from its link to defeat and never had enough power or support to succeed. If the Weimar Republic had not been so weak, hyperinflation would not have occurred and the reparations would have not affected them as much. Without the hyperinflation and the inability to pay reparations, France would not have invaded the ...

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This is a very well focused and detailed response that offers persuasive analysis throughout. By being clear about the links between factors, the author offers a comprehensive explanation of Hitler's rise. 5 out of 5 stars.