Was appeasement a mistake?

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Was Appeasement a mistake?

Appeasement was policy used by the French and British during 1993 in hope to sustain Hitler within further rebellions, as Hitler had disobeyed the treaty of Versailles by breaking many stated laws such as no re-armament plus more. In my opinion the policy turned out poor and defective in the starting stages but turned out satisfying in the end for the Brits and French.

There were many reasons why appeasement has been seen as a mistake. Firstly Appeasement gave Hitler confidence to progress to demand more and more seeing as Britain and France weren't stepping in however this could've been a trap for Hitler to continue to push the limits until he crossed the line and as he had under estimated Britain and France seeing they weren't willing to stop him early he wouldn't have thought them that big a problem until it was too late for example Britain and France could've acted early whilst Hitler wasn't at his peak but instead they appeased him to a critical stage . The quality of this statement is weak because this was the early stages when probably Britain and France hadn't looked at Hitler as threatening since he hadn't broken any major rules...yet.

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Secondly Britain lost powerful allies who could've helped Britain but instead ended in the grasp of Hitler for example Hitler invaded Poland and Czechoslovakia which both have vast coal and factories benefiting him instead in use for his army which continued developing into a larger threat. However Britain probably thought that delaying Hitler was vital even if it meant handing over allies to produce time for re-armament ever since WW1. The quality of this statement is strong as Britain could've indeed been benefited greatly by the likes of Czechoslovakia and Poland due to their agreement of trade the plus ...

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