Was Balkan a determining factor leading to the First World War?

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Was Balkan a determining factor leading to the First World War?


  1. Balkan’s location
  1. It was the area where the interests of the European powers aimed at
  2. Thus, they were actively involved in the Balkan affair and the most important one was the Sarajevo Assassination. This directly led to the First World War but we should also consider the other factors


  1. Balkan’s role in leading to WWI:
  1. Balkan should be responsible for complicating the situation of Europe
  1. It accelerated the formation of the two armed-camps

  1. It intensified the relationships among the European powers
  1. Russia and Austria disputed over their conflicting interests over the Balkan, their relation deteriorated significantly in these incidents:

b.        1856 Crimean War                                                1908 Bosnian Crisis

1878 Berlin Conference (Treaty of San Stefano)                1914 July Ultimatum

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  1. After the 1856 Crimean War and the 1878 Berlin Conference, Germany as an honest broker, broke the relation with Russia. Though the Reinsurance Treaty asserted friendship between them, this Balkan affair did push Russia to the side of Britain and France

  1. It intensified the relationships between the Balkan states with the European powers
  1. The 1878 Treaty of San Stefano conceded Serbia from Turkey as an independent state
  2. After the Young Turk Movement of 1908, Austria annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina, this ruined the dream of Serbia of grouping the neighboring states to form an union of Serbians
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