Was the Treaty of Versailles fair on Germany?

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Was the Treaty of Versailles fair on Germany?

Explain your answer, supporting it with evidence.

Was the 'Treaty of Versailles' fair on Germany? I don’t think it was fair. 'The Treaty of Versailles' was the peace settlement that ended World War One in 1918. The treaty itself was actually signed on the 28th June 1919 at the former palace of Versailles, just outside Paris, by Germany and the Allies. The treaty was a compromise between the countries, trying to satisfy each demand - but was it overall fair to Germany? Germany was affected considerably by the terms of the Treaty, both in material and image. Firstly, she was forced to accept full responsibility for the war; establishing a foreground for a huge reparations bill. As it was decided that the entire war had been the fault of Germany and Germany alone, much to the outrage of the German citizens, she was expected to pay reparations to the countries affected; the Allies - to provide money to account for damaged land, compensation. Below I will explain and support my answer with evidence.

David Lloyd George of Great Britain had two views on how Germany should be treated. He was a politician and politicians needed the support of the public to succeed in elections. If he had come across as being soft on Germany, he would have been speedily voted out of office. The British public was after revenge and Lloyd George's public image reflected this mood. "Hang the Kaiser" and "Make Germany Pay" were two very common calls in the era immediately after the end of the war and Lloyd George, looking for public support, echoed these views. However, in private Lloyd George was also very concerned with the rise of communism in Russia and he feared that it might spread to Western Europe. After the war had finished, Lloyd George believed that the spread of communism posed a far greater threat to the world than a defeated Germany. Privately, he felt that Germany should be treated in such a way that left her as a barrier to resist the expected spread of communism. He did not want the people of Germany to become so disillusioned with their government that they turned to communism. Lloyd George did not want Germany treated with lenience but he knew that Germany would be the only country in central Europe that could stop the spread of communism if it burst over the frontiers of Russia. Germany had to be punished but not to the extent that it left her destitute.

Georges Clemenceau Prime minister of France had one very simple belief - Germany should be brought to its knees so that she could never start a war again. He thought that he should get all the compensation that he can squeeze out of Germany. He wanted revenge, punish Germany, make Germany pay for the war damages; weaken Germany so that it would never invade France again.

Woodrow Wilson President of America wanted to make the world safe, fair peace, disarmament, the League of Nations and the 14 points. The main points in this document were:

1) No more secret treaties
2) countries must seek to reduce their weapons and their armed forces
3) national self-determination should allow people of the same nationality to govern themselves and one nationality should not have the power to govern another
4) all countries should belong to the League of Nations

The League of Nations was crated to the result of The Treaty of Versailles. It was created so that all countries all over the world can discuss about their disputes between other countries without getting into war. The intent was to prevent further war through international dialogue. Failed to act effectively to deal with Hitler and Mussolini and was replaced by the United Nations.

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