Were the Republican policies the main reason for prosperity in the 1920s?

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 Where the Republican polices the main reason for prosperity in the 1920s

 The 1920s was a period of prosperity for many in the USA. It could be argued that the Republicans  polices  were the reason for this prosperity .However  ,other factors  such as the effect  of world war one , rise of new industries, creation of consumer  culture  or readily available credit were also important  factors .

I agree that the Republican polices of the 1920s were the main reason for prosperity in the USA.

Firstly the republicans, particularly Harding, who promoted the idea laissez Faire. This police meant that the government would interfere as little as possible in the lives of the people. Overall this helped to boost prosperity because workers can put more innovation into their products as the government weren’t going to interfere and workers were able to produce more products which were more successful.

 Secondly, Americas idea of isolationism helped boost prosperity because; while they weren’t in world war 1  they were making money by trading with their allies . Also America s idea of isolationism   helped boost prosperity because they weren’t using any of the economy money for weapons as they weren’t in the war at the time but were making money to boost the economy. Also because of this USA became the leading world producer and made lots of profits used in investment.

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Additionally, the Republicans introduced protective tariffs .These tariffs helped to boost prosperity because it was expensive for foreigners   to dump cheap goods in America. This made some profit as foreigner had to pay extra tax to sell stuff in the USA.

 Further reasons why Republican policies helped increase prosperity was due to them allowing trust to exist. Trust helped to boost the economy because workers were trusted to do their job and make something that would make their country proud. Also this helped to increase   prosperity as the politicians didn’t tell workers what do and ...

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