What Happened At Sharpeville On 21 March 1960- Massacre Or Self Defence?

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What Happened At Sharpeville On 21 March 1960 – Massacre Or Self Defence?


Source A and Source B are similar in many ways. They both mention the presence of Saracen cars “Saracen armoured cars” (source A), “Saracens were at Sharpeville” (source B) and they both mention the presence of Police, “a big grey police car” (source A), “Police reinforcements” (Source B).

        These two sources differ too. They differ because in source A there are “three Saracen armoured cars”, however in source B there are “a dozen Saracens”.

Overall the tone of the two sources is completely different. This is because while one source states that there are “three Saracen cars” the other states that there are “a dozen Saracens”. This meaning that one of the sources is wrong.  The reason for this is because the writers of these sources are different. One is from England and one is from South Africa. This is important because the South African writer may be trying to get rid of apartheid. The English writer does not really have a motive; this is because the police may have given this report to him and he believes them.


        Source C supports source A. this is because in source C you can see that the protestors peaceful and that there were Saracen cars around. In source A it mentions the presence of Saracen cars “Saracen armoured cars” in source A it implies that the protestors are peaceful “some kids waved to the policemen”.

        Source D supports Source A because it shows that the protestors are peaceful. It does this by showing the thumbs-up sign which stands for a peaceful protest “grinning and cheerful”. It also shows that a car going through the crowd, in source A it mentions “big grey police car”.

        Source C supports Source B because it shows that there is a Saracen car and that there is a building in the background. In source B it says “Saracen cars” were present. It also mentions that there was a police station, “Police station was virtually besieged”.

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        Source D supports source B because it shows a car going through the crowd and in source B it mentions a “motor car from the council” had to force its way through.

Although sources C and D support Source A and B to an extent there are some differences as well, for example in source B it says that there were a dozen Saracen cars and in source C it only shows one. However Sources C and D support Source A greatly. This is because Source C and D have many things in common with source A.


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