What reasons did the H.S.C.A have in 1979 for suggesting that president Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy in 1963

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What reasons did the H.S.C.A have in 1979 for suggesting that president

Kenndy was the victim of a conspiracy in 1963

There are many the theories of how President Kennedy was assassinated and there are many people who still don't believe the Warren Commission's report. Unlike the Warren Commission the H.S.C.A were able to conduct a more thorough investigation, most likely because they had more time to come to a verdict. In this essay I cant say who really did kill Americas youngest president but I can say why the H.S.C.A and many other people don't believe the Warren Commission.

In the Warren Commission report probably their biggest mistake was disregarding key eyewitnesses who they considered to be incompatible and inconsistent. Although they rely on witnesses saying that they saw a rifle being fried from the Texas schoolbook depository to locate the position of the assassin. Out of 500 witnesses at the event, only 90 were questioned and 58 of those said that they saw smoke and heard gun shot sounds from the grassy knoll. These reports didn't collaborate with the Warren Commission. They said all 58 witnesses were mistaken This might just have something to do with the fact that they don't collaborate with there single assassin theory. Many witnesses weren't even brought before the commission to give evidence like Jean Hill who claimed she heard four to six shots being fired from two different locations, and Gordon Arold (a young soldier standing on the grassy knoll) who said:

"The shot came from behind me only inches over my left shoulder. I had just come from basic training. In my mind, live ammo was being fired. It was being fired over my head and I hit the dirt."

The way the Warren Commission handled the witnesses seems to indicate selective reading of eyewitnesses accounts. Since the Kennedy shooting 18 material witnesses have died - six by gunfire, three in motor accidents, two by suicide, one from a cut throat, one from a karate chop to the neck, three from heart attacks and two from natural causes. Personally I find this a little strange and wonder when does coincidence end and conspiracy begin?
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But what may seem a little stranger is the "Magic Bullet Theory". The Warren Commission came to the conclusion, that one of the bullets that Lee Harvey Oswald had fired managed to enter Kennedy's right shoulder blade, bruised the strap muscles of the right side of the neck, damaging the windpipe and making its exit through the front of the neck. Went through Governor Conollys chest taking out part of his fifth rib and collapsing his lung. Then it hit his wrist, bounce off one of his bones and end up buried in to his leg. But for ...

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