What was the contribution of tanks towards winning the war for Britain?

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What was the contribution of tanks towards winning the war for Britain?

On the 28th July 1914 a war kicked off between the Great Powers (Germany & Austria-Hungary) and the Triple Entente (United Kingdom, France & Russia), there were many causes including: Arms race, Plans, distrust, mobilization,  Militarism,  autocracy, Balance of power, Economic imperialism, Trade barriers and Ethnic and political rivalries. This war leads to great creations including the tank. It is later known as WW1 or the Great War

These beasts known as tanks were used for several things, had certain aims and had a real purpose in WW1. Firstly the tanks major purpose was to be able to pass through no-mans land creating a path for troops to get to the heart of the enemies territory so a massacre of bullets to the heart of the enemy would be a whole lot easier. Secondly, the other purpose was to create major propaganda so that a lot of people would believe that their nation would win the war so that they would want to fight to be part of the glorious/glamorous troops that won, this would then make the army a lot larger than before as many people had started to give up joining the army.

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Most of the time they were successful with the two plans but sometimes Big Willy would get stuck in deep and wide trenches. It attracted many people to the army but sadly a lot of them died while inside the tank as it didn’t have an exhaust pipe so all the fumes were inside the tank.

Tanks had many problems while being tested in military exercises, firstly as I mentioned earlier, there was no exhaust pipe so the fumes (carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful gases) stayed inside the cabin of the tank which killed all men inside controlling the ...

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