What was the most important factor for Hitler becoming Chancellor in January 1933?

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What was the most important factor for Hitler becoming Chancellor in January 1933?

There were a number of reasons that Hitler became Chancellor in 1933. One of the most important reasons was the depression in 1929. The depression was good for Hitler and the Nazis. They blamed the Weimar Republic, the Treaty of Versailles, the Communists and the Jews and promised to get rid of the, ‘enemy within’ who were destroying Germany. Many of the people of Germany felt the same way and followed Germany. Hitler and the Nazis used this time well, and organised it, using teamwork and skills of propaganda in order to get votes. We can see that the Nazis were very successful in this, from the elections of 193, where the Nazis made their first great breakthrough, jumping from 12, to 107 seats in the Reichstag. This point was very significant to Hitler becoming Chancellor. If they had not acquired so many seats in the Reichstag now Hitler and the Nazis would have probably remained a small party. But after the depression the Nazis maintained a high amount of seats in parliament, becoming the biggest party in the Reichstag in 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. However the impact of the depression can only partly explain Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933.

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        Another factor was the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic. Because of the great depression in 1929, there was a big problem of rising unemployment and growing poverty throughout Germany. But the Weimar Republic seemed to have no idea on what to do in this situation. The Weimar Republic thought they only had two choices in order to get the country out of depression. On was to print more money and increase government expenditure, but this had already been tried in 1923 and resulted in hyperinflation. The government was more concerned with there not being a period of hyperinflation again than ...

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