When and why did Bolivia become independent?

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When and why did Bolivia become independent?

Plan of investigation

Bolivia proclaimed independence in 1809, but 16 years of struggle was needed before the republic of Bolivia was established in 1825. My Historical investigation is then about why Bolivia became independent.

I will research this investigation in books, encyclopaedias and websites, which I will evaluate in my Evaluation of sources. In my summary of evidence I will collect facts why Bolivia became independent and after that I will analyse my evidence in my Analysis and hopefully this leads to a conclusion.

Summary of evidence

• In 1553 Francisco Pizarro conquered large areas of South America, which made Bolivia belong to Spain until their independence.

• During the Napoleonic wars, which were a series of wars fought during Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule over France, the Spanish royal authority became weaker and the opinion of colonial rule grew. You could say that the fight for independence started 1808 when Napoleon got the Spanish king into prison.

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• In 1908 when the Spanish king were sat in prison a number of radical creoles, white people born in America, said what they thought about the special privileges of the Spanish people. They wanted independence for the Upper Peru (today’s Bolivia) and they had the Indians support in the question.

• Bolivia, or Upper Peru as it was then, proclaimed independence on the 16th of July 1809 in the name of Ferdinand VII, but it took 16 years of struggle before they reached an establishment of the republic.

• Simón Bolívar was a man with great importance talking ...

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