Who was to blame for the Cold War?

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Who was to blame for the cold war

The Cold War was a conflict that went on between mainly America and Russia; beginning in 1945 and ending in 1991. The USA had dropped the A bomb on Japan, at the end of WW2, this created huge fear and tension between the two. The USSR on the other hand had promoted the political regime of communism, among many eastern European countries, by rigging elections and invading countries. Tensions had grown massively between each side with one another’s actions. In this essay I will be balancing up the factors of each side to create a precious answer to who was to blame for the cold war.

The USA had proved to be a major threat to the USSR. The USA’s president had changed from the experienced Roosevelt to an inexperienced Truman in 1945. At the end of WW2 the Americans had suspensions with Stalin, over the spread of communism; the Americans were scared of this political regime. In dropping the A bomb, at the end of WW2, on Japan was not only used to end the war but to create a strong military presence among the world, especially Russia. The occurrence of Nuclear weapons was thought to stop the every growing suspicious Stalin on his ongoing competition with the USA although the opposite had occurred, leaving Russia with Nuclear weapons. The Marshall plan and Truman Doctrine created by the US secretary of state, General George Marshall, in June 1947 had caused even more tensions between the two leaders. Russia wanted to spread communism although the USA did not, the Americans had thought that where misery and pain was found communism would follow, the Marshal plan was the solution; offering loans to these vulnerable countries. This had angered Stalin along with the American tax payers. In restoring European countries had eradicated the need for communism, preventing the spread of it along with Stalin’s plans. The Marshall Plan was funded by the American tax payers; people in America wanted their tax spent on their country not others. The Russians objected to the American plan by producing strong propaganda against it. The military alliance between North America and European countries, NATO, had led Stalin to many conclusions with actions that may follow. Through this paranoia decisions may have been made by Stalin, foolish naive ones.

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The USSR was just as guilty with some of their actions, which created huge fear among the USA. The Conform was found in the presence of the Marshall plan, the Americans would have seen this as another attempt to spread communism. In competing with the Marshall plan had shown that it wanted European influence, like America. It wanted this to alter the political regime of these countries and to gain economic and territorial gains. In invading other European countries had caused strong tensions and created fear among America with the spread of Communism; this fear creating knock on effects towards ...

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