Why Did America Lose The Vietnam War

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                                         Why America failed the Vietnam War?

The americans were not suited to Jungle warfare and the vietnamese had the advantage over them as they knew the jungles well and the USA government were not prepared to keep losing large numbers of troops. 2) The peace movement against the war had been gaining momentum since 1970 until it reached a point where the American public were against the war in such high numbers the government were forced into action. 3) There was a massive drug problem with the American troops and high rates of desertion. 4) The Americans were unable to stop troops and supplies being deployed along the Ho Chi Min trail to the Vietcong 5) The Vietnamese were experts in guerrilla warfare. All they wanted was self-rule. They were a nation who had defeated the Mongol hordes and seen off invasion by China. The people were a collective unit who had centuries of practice in warfare and were indomitable As Henry Kissinger said "We ignored the oldest and most fundamental rule of warfare-know your enemy". The American government failed to understand the mind-set of the Vietnamese.

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We lost the war because of America's foreign policy. It was to stop the spread of Communism, not do be rid of it. They would have been able to destroy Communism in many different times like the Korean War. Lyndon B. Johnson didn't want to be rid of Communism because that would make us sound like an Empire again like with the Philipines in the Spanish American War and right now in Iraq. We lost the war because of forfeit. Johnson said no to being rid of Communism like Truman said no to McArthur in the Korean War. We had ...

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