Why did Britain Win the Battle of Britain?

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Why did Britain Win the Battle of Britain?

Britain won the Battle of Britain because Britain for several reasons on Britain’s part, and also to German errors. They won because of Britain’s superior technology, leadership and tactics.

The main reason for Britain’s victory was that Britain had invested in the Radar in the 1930’s. This would prove to be a huge benefactor in the victory, because the detection of incoming German aircraft would allow Britain to estimate the direction and number of Luftwaffe bombers, so that RAF planes would not be caught on the ground and destroyed before they could be put in action. Also, communications systems, radar systems and airfields couldn’t be put out of action easily, because Radar would be able to detect the incoming aircraft, and the RAF could send fighters to defend these areas.

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This would also allow RAF fighters to be organised for a defence against the Luftwaffe, even if attacks came from different directions.

Another important reason was that Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, who was the head of the RAF, had been planning Britain’s Air Defence System since 1936. This would give Britain an advantage, because Britain would not need to plan their defence just as they find out they are about to be pounded by incoming German bombers, but instead already have a plan, and therefore can spend more time on other things like organising defences. He also brought ...

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