Why did Chamberlain sign the Munich Agreement on September 30th 1938

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Why did Chamberlain sign the Munich Agreement on September 30th 1938?

There are many reasons Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement in 1938. There were many ideological reasons and some pragmatic. Some also believe Chamberlain was being naïve when he signed the agreement. The obvious reason the agreement was signed was because it was a part of appeasement.

An ideological reason was that he wanted to avoid war at all costs, and did the rest of Europe. This reason is most likely due to Chamberlain’s ‘trusting nature’ as he thought Hitler would stick to his word and not ask for anything else. Mussolini had also convinced Chamberlain before the meeting that he had to stop another world war from breaking out.

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Another reason he may have signed the contract was because he wanted peace and he thought it was more important than Czechoslovakia so this was another ideological reason. However this could link to pragmatic reason as Chamberlain may have believed that it was not possible to save Czechoslovakia which means the only reason he gave them up is because he knew he could not win. We see evidence of this in conferences they had, Eduard Benes hardly had any say in the matter.

There may be another pragmatic reason for the signing. Before the meeting in Munich, Chamberlain ...

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