Why did Franklin Roosevelt win the Presidential election in 1932?

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Why did Franklin Roosevelt win the Presidential election in 1932? For the American people the 1920s was a time of unlimited opportunities and wealth. America was the richest nation at this time and the wages ofmany ordinary people rose while the prices of goods did not. At this timethe president was Harding, a strong Republican. But in 1923, in the midst ofthis prosperous period Harding died and another republican-Coolidge becamepresident. This was when the American government started to set high tariffson all foreign goods entering America, which encouraged people to buy fromAmerica, as opposed to the rest of the world as this would be more expensive.People were encouraged to spend their money and this very prosperous periodwas built around luxuries such as the motor car. For example most Americanswere expected to own a radio or a washing machine as part of this time ofconsumer industry. The 20s was also a golden age of comedy and cinema. Forthose sections of society that were part of this boom life could not bebetter. However some people such as farmers and black people missed out onthis good life because they could not afford it. Often a way for whitefarmers to express their hatred for not sharing in America's boom was byjoining a secret group of criminals called the Klu Klux Clan. In 1919politicians were persuaded to ban alcohol which was known as Prohibition.But alcohol soon found its way into illegal bars and
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gangsters in thisbusiness such as Al Capone made a fortune. In 1929 Herbert Hoover becamepresident and promised this prosperity to increase. But that same year wasthe Wall Street Crash.   For sometime share prices had been steadily increasing and being sold tomany Americans. But an awareness that shares would surely soon fall causedpeople to start selling their shares which made other people follow as theylost confidence. So people lost not only their investments but also lifelongsavings because of banks and insurance companies going bust and on the 29thOctober there was a complete collapse. So every-one withdrew money fromtheir banks which caused ...

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