Why did Roosevelt introduce the New Deal

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Naveis Iqbal 11TR 09/05/2007

Why did Roosevelt introduce the New Deal?

President Roosevelt introduced the New Deal because of the economic problems facing America. It was also because of the weaknesses of former president Hoover’s presidency, and also the role of Roosevelt’s and the Republicans in the USA. I actually think that Roosevelt actually introduced the New Deal because of his and the Republican role in America.

There were a lot of problems facing America during the late 1920s and early 1930s.The wall street crash was one of those factors, which was a problem for America. The social consequences of the Wall Street crash were that the USA was supposed to be the land of opportunity, where the good life was available for those who wanted to work, but finding work was a problem. The numbers of unemployed increased by the day, in 1929 it as 1.6 million people unemployed, in 1930 it was 4.3 million people unemployed, in 1931 it was 8 million people unemployed and then in 1932 it rose to 12.1 million people unemployed. Families lost their homes or were forced to split up when parents lost their jobs. Soon unemployed people looked for handouts of food and became a major feature of city life. Millions of destitute people wandered the streets looking for food, work or somewhere to stay, and then shantytowns were built for the homeless. By 1932 money to help the poor was running out. In June Philadelphia had to cut off relief funds to 50,000 families. The situation seemed hopeless for America.

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The financial and economic effects of the Wall Street crash were simple to say that the Wall Street crash caused the great Depression. The Wall Street crash sparked of the great Depression, the American economy went in to a vicious spiral of bankruptcy, Slumping production and unemployment. Which devastated normal economic life, first America then the rest of the world, the destruction of international trade.

This occurred because businesses needed money. They had to buy raw materials, equipment and machinery. They had to pay wages. Many people lost a great deal of money so they started to spend less. So ...

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