Why did the assassination of Franz Ferdinand succeed?

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Gavrilo Princip was born in Bosnia but was from a Serbian family. He and his family were strong followers of the Serbian Orthodox Christian faith. At the age of 15 Princip was expelled from his school for taking part in an anti-Austria Hungary demonstration. Since Princip grew up at a difficult time in Bosnia, he was naturally opposed to Austro Hungarian role. In 1912 Princip moved to Serbia where he met even more anti-Austria Hungary demonstrators further strengthening his dislike for Austro-Hungarian rule. This caused him to join a group known as the Black Hand. This group had links to the Serbian government and was also secretly supported by them.

One day when Princip and his friends were at a pub they heard news that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was visiting Sarajevo and furthermore he was visiting on June 28th, a very important holy day for the Serbian Orthodox church. This made matters worse, and was seen as an opportunity for Princip and his group to strike against the Austro-Hungarian empire. In addition, there were many Serbs living in Bosnia under the rule of Austria Hungary. The Black Hand seeked to protect Serbs everywhere against any threats, and Princip and his group saw Austro-Hungarian rule and the visit of France Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, as a threat.

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One of the reasons that the Archduke was assassinated was bad planning by the authorities. One way this influenced the assassination was that the Archduke insisted that he did not appear as a threat, so instead of having army support for the tour of Sarajevo, there were only 120 policemen recruited to keep order during the parade. Furthermore, the hired driver was obviously not used to driving around in Sarajevo as when travelling to the hospital, he turned around corner and stalled the car while reversing out of the road, both of which resulted in the assassination of Franz ...

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