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Why Did They Build The Berlin Wall In 1961?

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Why Did They Build The Berlin Wall In 1961? The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 and for twenty-eight years it separated friends, families, and a nation. A lot of suffering began for Germany when World War II started, but by the end of the war Germany had a disaster waiting to happen. After WWII was over Germany was divided into four parts, America, Great Britain and France all controlled the three divisions that were formed in the Western half then Eastern half was controlled by the USSR. The Western divisions eventually united to make a federal republic, while the Eastern divisions became communist. One of the many reasons why the Berlin wall was built was because of the tension between America and the Soviet and the fact they both had different beliefs and ideologies. ...read more.


It caused 70,000 deaths in Hiroshima and 40,000 deaths in Nagasaki; there were also many incidents of Radiation poisoning spreading round the area. The USSR was terrified by the Americas weapons and felt they had to act quickly to match the Americans. Once America dropped the first atomic bomb, the soviet stated building similar weapons, after a while they both had mutually assured destruction which means they both had nuclear weapons as strong as each other. They also both knew they had the weapons to wipe out the opponent. Nuclear weapons on both sides contributed to the wall in Berlin because the two countries knew they couldn't attack each other because they were both so close to each other and if some one made a move the other country would do the same just as fast so therefore this may of help to lead to the building of the wall to separate the zones. ...read more.


This worried America because they didn't want other countries to become intimidated and scared by them because that would only make them unpopular. Therefore America had to come up with an idea to help them gain popularity. They then came up with the idea called Marshall Aid. Marshall Aid was when America promised to give money to any country resisting communism. This worried the USSR because America was gaining support from other countries. Therefore the USSR may have wanted to build the wall for some protection. In conclusion I feel that the wall was built for many reasons not just the one I also feel that all the reasons were as important as each other as they heaped more tension on. I feel in the end the main reason would have to be the bombing just for the fact it produced the most long and short term affects. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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