Why did trenches develop and what were their key features?

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Trench warfare was an enormous part of World War I, and is symbolic of the fighting style adopted in the wall. Although many believed that World War I would be over by Christmas 1914, and that it would be a war of movement and fast decisions, trench warfare ended up being the major tactic in the war.

Trenchers what are used mainly because it was far too treacherous for troops to advance through open to rain. When this was seen as a problem, troops were ordered to dig in as temporary shelter. Trenches were relatively basic at first, as they were mainly used as a short term solution. However as people begin to see the importance of trenches, they began to develop, grow and become a sort of residence for troops. They were also used as a tactic to outflank the opponent has seen in the race to the sea. , Which involved the Germans and British digging trenches to the channel to attempt to break through the enemy lines. Trench warfare became a war of attrition, in which the aim was to cause as many enemy casualties as possible and have a negative impact on the opposition’s war effort.

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Trenchers became increasingly complex and were mainly in three parts; the front line, reserve lines and support lines. Troops would rotate between reserve lines on the front line every so often to get some rest away from the fighting. Trenches became part of huge networks of these lines and spanned for 100s of miles. They were also built in zigzag formations as to prevent mass casualties along the whole trench if it by an artillery shell, and also to make it a more difficult target for gunners.The area between opposing trenches was known as no man's land and was ...

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