Why did War Break out in 1914.

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Why did War Break out in 1914

My essay will try to convey the most important cause for the war the most important causes at the top and going down to the least important. I believe that the alliance was the most important cause.

The Alliance system

Ever since the defeat of France by Germany in the Franco - Prussian war 1870-71 The states of Europe had arranged themselves into alliances these alliances were deigned to keep the peace by making each state appear to have powerful allies that an enemy would think twice before attacking.

The triple alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy began in 1979 with the dual alliance of Germany and Austria- Hungary- this was a defensive alliance, i.e. each would help the other if Russia attacked. In 1882 Italy joined, making it a triple alliance, which was renewed every five years. Italy was to help germane if attacked by France and vice versa, but Italy could excuse itself from any fighting which might involve opposition to Britain.

The triple entente of France, Russia and Britain began with the Franco-Russian Alliance 1893/4 this to like the duel alliance was a defensive alliance in that each country would help each other if attacked by either two countries of the duel alliance. The ‘entente cordiale’ (friendly understanding) between britai9n and France developed after Edward the seventh’s visit to Paris in 1903: in 1904 colonial disputes in Africa were settled (Britain was to control Egypt, France to control morocco).

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The First World War was a terrible tragedy in which millions suffered but how did it start is what I will try to explain. In Bosnia arch duke Franz Ferdinand hair to the Austrian throne arrived for a royal visit. A lot of Bosnia was exited to see him but among the crowd were six teenage terrorists sworn to kill the archduke they hated him and Austria. The terrorists were stationed at intervals along the riverside route, which their cars would follow on their way to town. All six of the terrorists were armed with ...

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