Why did William the Conquerer win the battle of hastings

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Why William the Conqueror Won the Battle of Hastings

On 14th October 1066, a battle took place that changed England forever. Earlier that year, Edward the Confessor had died without a direct heir, several contestants all fight for the throne of their dreams, including: William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson. The Witan (an association of bishops and other important men) decided that Harold should be king. William is not pleased and decided to invade. As he and his Norman fleet landed at Pevensley Bay in Southern England; King Harold marched his tired Saxon troops south to block their invasion. The two met at Senlac Hill, near Hastings and the Battle of Hastings commenced… This essay depicts the reasons why William won this unforgettable battle.

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First of all, Harold Godwinson had just defeated Harold Hardrada (another contestant) ‘s Viking army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which took place near York. He could hardly believe his bad luck when message came that William had landed in the south, so he had to march his battered and bruised army all the way from the north of England to the south. This also meant that although they managed to collect more men and weapons on the way, they weren’t nearly as prepared as the Normans.

Secondly, William had a strong army of about 10,000 men, ...

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