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Why Slavery was abolished

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Why slavery and the slave trade was abolished Slavery was cruel trade that started in the 16th century for innocent people .Who were taken from their homeland away from their loved ones to be treated cruelly .Some said slavery was the worst punishment a human being can receive a lot of people campaigned for the abolishment. But the slave traders and people for slavery didn't give up easily One of the reasons it ended was due to white abolitionists because they had the freedom to go out their and make bills and campaign one of these types of people were the white working class William Pitt said " Nothing worse than slavery I know no evil that has ever existed" and Granville Sharp and William Wilberforce were also famous abolitionists who were wealthier and inspired the white working class who signed petitions and gathered among ...read more.


Jonathon Strong also a ex black slave spoke freely at a court case which he won trial over a man who owned a plantation in Jamaica he won the trial by speaking up and defending himself and it gave other slaves the courage to speak up and have courage to defend themselves the outcome of the was slowly breaking the trial. The conditions of the slaves on the St Dominigue were among the worst in the west-Indies the death rate among the slaves was very high because of the dreadful treatment they received slavery was abolished and in 1804m it was independent with the new name of Haiti .all over the west-Indies ,plantation owners lived in terror of these idea's spreading to their own slaves while people in Britain who were against the abolishment used Haiti as an example of what will happen if everyone was ...read more.


to Jonathon Strong speaking for himself and being brave he wouldn't have giv4en confidence to slave to fight back and rebel and speak up for themselves . Because the slaves had no interest in helping the plantation to make money, therefore the sugar was less efficient and cheaper in other countries do economy factors losing money. So Plantation wasn't only losing money, people were losing interest. The middle white class inspired the white working class who made petitions with up to 100000 signatures in Manchester alone and without so many people on the opposition overpowering the people for slavery it wouldn't have happened. Also ex-slaves providing evidence of brutal damage physically and mentally to them and their families describing the torture of the worst punishment a human being can ever receive. 1 I understood the essay to die cover different aspects of why slavery was abolished ...read more.

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