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Why the USA Became Increasingly Involved In Vietnam

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Why the USA Became Increasingly Involved In Vietnam America became increasing involved in the affairs of Vietnam between 1954 and 1965; one of the main reasons for this was the hatred of communism, and the USA's need to control it and restrict it from spreading to other countries. The first involvement from the USA was indirect, but was still significant. They supplied the French with weapons during their war with Vietminh. The French were looking to regain rule of their previous settlement after the Japanese occupation during World War 2. In this year Ho Chi Minh, a leading communist, nationalist formed the Vietminh as a military organization. They began a guerrilla warfare campaign against the Japanese in the effort to free Vietnam from foreign rule to put into operation a Vietnamese led government. In 1946, when the French took control of Vietnam, the Vietminh continued its guerrilla warfare against them. The war between France and Vietnam lasted for 7 years, it ended with the defeat of the French, after which the French made it known in April 1954 that they wish to withdraw form Vietnam. There was a peace conference that took place at that time in Geneva; it was decided by the USA, Britain, France and the Soviet Union that Vietnam should be split at the 17th parallel, temporarily until general elections could be held. ...read more.


One major reason why President Diem was unpopular and why the US felt he was no longer a proficient leader was because of the continuing success of the National Liberation Front in other words the NLF. The NLF or National Liberation Front was another armed resistance force directed against President Diem, and it was given aid by Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam. The NLF's aim was to replace the Diem administration with a government that "represented all social classes and religions". The NLF took land from the rich people in South Vietnam and gave it to the poor peasants; they did this to get the poor peasants on their side. This proved to be extremely successful as the peasants hated working for the landowners. President Kennedy, America's new president was very concerned about the events in South Vietnam so he sent 100 more 'Military advisors', and furthermore he gave South Vietnam the money to increase its army by an extra 20,000. The USA realized that the NLF were winning the hearts and minds battle, so in mid 1963 they decided that Diem was no longer worth supporting. To defeat Diem they plotted a plan of helping a military coup, he then was replaced by a more popular leader; this took place in November 1963, soon after Kennedy himself was assassinated. ...read more.


This was believed to last for about 8 weeks, but however this ended up lasing for 3 years, in this time 1 million bombs were dropped. The NLF's answer to this was to concentrate its attacks on the US air bases in South Vietnam. This began to become a problem for the US, as the General in charge of US 'advisors; adequately defend the bases. Johnson took the only route which was possible for him, and on 8th March he sent 3,500 US marines to South Vietnam. In conclusion I think that the USA became increasingly involved in Vietnam was because of the fear and hatred of communism spreading all over the world. At first America was indirectly a part of the war as they only gave financial help and equipments to the French in their battle with Vietminh. They increasingly became involved when they felt that communism would spread all over the world, this was knows as the domino theory. In 1955 the US prevented elections from taking place because they feared the communists would win. In 1960-1965, America got militarily involved because the North Vietnamese attacked the 'Maddox'. Even though President Johnson knew that the North Vietnamese didn't have anything to do with the attack on the boat he still ignored that fact as he wanted war against the North Vietnamese and he realized that this was the best way. By Mohima Akther History -1- ...read more.

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