Why the USA should have not have been involved in Vietnam

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Describe why the USA should not have not been involved in Vietnam. The first reason that the USA got involved in Vietnam was to help the French who were re-occupying Indo-China. At first they were supplying the French with financial help and advisers, but soon after its own forces got sent in. The French got defeated but the US army remained in South Vietnam. They were trying to defeat the Vietcong and believed that their excellent government and an efficient, large-scale war would do that. One reason the
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USA should not have gotten involved was because they were there mainly to prevent the Domino theory taking place. They wanted to stop communism from taking over the country, which they feared was going to happen under the influence of Ho Chi Minh (Leader of the nationalist party). The USA was scared that it would be influenced like China, and worse, start a trend spreading to the surrounding countries (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and more) and then the whole of South-Asia would be a bloc corrupted by communism. They should not have gotten involved because they had no proof. Furthermore, it ...

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