Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA in 1919?

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Year 10 Prohibition Coursework                                                     Lucy Sparks 10A

Why was Prohibition introduced in the USA in 1919?

In the USA in 1919 the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting the sale, manufacture and transportation of “intoxicating liquor”, was ratified and then became law in1920 under the Volstead Act. It was a decision that had taken many years to reach and had been effected by political and economic issues.

        Temperance societies date back to 1808 in New York when people became concerned about the quantities of alcohol consumed and its effects on health and behaviour. Other states soon followed in setting up temperance groups such as Massachusetts and Connecticut in 1813.

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        Prohibition gained its early supporters from the southern Bible belt and rural areas where it was believed that alcohol abuse was mainly in the rapidly growing industrial cities. The majority of these people were Protestants who believed in hard working values. Drinkers were thought of as bad workers and their habits offended the Christian morals of Protestants.

        By the 1850s individual states were already beginning to introduce bans on alcohol. In 1851 Maine was the first to place temporary bans on alcohol, a lead followed by many that led to 13 out of the 31 states having prohibition laws ...

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